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Dear Sirs,

        My name is Bryon Smith.  I am 58 years old, the father of two grown girls.  In addition to writing, I am also a videographer.  I am working on a TV show called 'Spooky Places' which deals with the paranormal and is hosted by my daughters.  I recently participated in a paranormal investigation in Virginia City, Nevada, that aired on Channel 2 in Reno.

        At the urging of my then 10-year old daughter, I wrote and self-published a series of novels targeted to middle school to high school readers.  Unfortunately, my publisher went out of business, causing the novels to go out of print.  Due to the difficulty I had with publicity for this age group (I was categorized as a 'Children's author' and as such often found myself grouped with authors of picture books and short books for the pre-school, early-elementary group), I decided to rewrite my novels geared to a more mature audience.  The new novels are loosely based on the original series.  Since the majority of readers are female and enjoy novels with strong heroines.  I believe this novel series will do well.

        I have currently finished the first novel and am currently editing and revising the second of what I plan to be a five book series.  The novels revolve around a young woman, Megan Martin, who is 17.  The first novel takes place during the summer before her senior year in high school.  Megan and her friend May discover an ancient gold and silver amulet with a letter from her deceased grandpa Fred.  The letter sets them on the path to solve a mystery.  While searching grandpa's study at the Martin farm they discover an ancient golden jeweled crown device.

        The crown was found by her grandfather and the five activation jewels by her great grandfather.  Megan and May put the crown and jewels together and activated the crown.  The crown gives them the ability to heal the sick, raise the dead, and travel through time and space.  The amulet is the key to a multi-dimensional inter-galactic craft.

        Each of the five triangular jewels has certain abilities.  The white jewel has the basic instructions for all the jewels.  Once the instructions are downloaded to the user's mind they can use the crown.  The blue jewel transports through time and space, green is for healing, yellow is for morphing into other forms, red allows the user powerful offensive or defensive abilities.

        The origin of the crown is a mystery.  After making a few teleportation trips, the crown runs low on power and transports the girls into the command room of a delta class lightship known as Orion leaving them stranded.  Orion is hovering in space asleep and apparently abandoned waiting for the new captain to bring the amulet and awaken him.  Delta class lightships are the official living transport of multi-dimensional beings known as the Great Elders.  The girls learn who the ship belongs to and through a series of events they discover they've been chosen by the Great Elders to defend the earth against a joint demon/alien invasion.

        Inside the crown's station beside the master command chairs in Orion's control room, they discover a silver and gold jewel.  The silver jewel contains the "Ember Reign" spiritual program.  Once downloaded into Megan's mind she becomes a multi-faceted being.  Ember is the brains that connect with Megan and two other angels, Baby Starburst (seraphim/fire angel) and Payah the guardian.  The challenge is for Megan and Ember to reconcile their differences then carry out their mission to unite the humans with allied alien forces to defend the galaxy against the impending demon alien invasion. 

        Each novel is a segment of a year of Megan's life.  In the first novel, Megan and May find the crown and jewels.  They learn of the impending alien invasion.  They recruit the help of a country doctor, a disabled veteran, and an actress who has prophetic dreams.   In the second novel, which takes place the following year, they fight against alien warriors and demons.  More friends join their crusade, along with a 'mystery man' who came to own a spaceship in a similar manner as Megan, and a couple of alien girls who have telepathic abilities.

Bryon Smith
4523 S. 22nd St.
Fort Smith, AR. 72901
479-646-6271 (home-if it doesn't show correct caller ID no one answers this phone.)

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